I was suppose to have today off because Easter but my boss decided to go back on her word and call me in L O L


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Grab the rail. We’re done. You have three options. Hang there and I’ll forget your cowardice. Fall and die. Or give up. 

Anonymous asked: Well hey there again beautiful. I guess you were keeping your head a little bit too high so you couldn't see that car huh? I hope you are doing alright. I hope the rest of your weekend is collision free:) -TheAnon

To high what? It’s more like the woman was in a giant SUV didn’t look before pulling out and hit me sigh. I was lucky I jumped out of the way a bit otherwise she would of like broken my leg ah.

Aw thanks though my special anon, I hope so too. :)

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colortheunknown asked: Saw your post about getting hit by a car. Are you okay?!

Ah yes yes, I’m okay. It was just scary. It was just a little bump. Luckily it was in a parking lot and they weren’t going fast since they were pulling out of a parking space. Just kinda hit of my hip a bit.

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hi i got hit by a car today

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People love her. Every time we do interviews together, she hugs everyone in the room, and I shake hands, and I immediately look like this stiff, repressed Brit. So from now on, I feel like I should snog someone. But then she’d probably do that better than me, too.

My mom is home from the hospital :)

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Ansel Elgort for JustJared Spotlight of the Week